How We Do It

We <span style='color:#ffd833; font-weight:700;'>Believe</span>

We Believe

that building is a team sport! We are resolutely committed to the goal of holistic integration of all disciplines during design and through construction. We play well with others!

We <span style='color:#ffd833; font-weight:700;'>Respond</span>

We Respond

swiftly and effectively with clarity. We find that clear and timely communication are essential to design and construction team synergy and project success. Call us!

We <span style='color:#ffd833; font-weight:700;'>Evolve</span>

We Evolve

with developing design concepts, ever changing technologies, and always fluid economic climates. We think on our feet and change with the times. We are always eager to learn and to explore new ideas.

We are expert users of Building Information Modeling (BIM) for efficient and collaborative project delivery with a long and proven record of successful coordination with large, multidisciplinary design teams working on complex, multiple-stakeholder projects. Moreover, we have fully integrated the use of BIM and structural analysis and design tools in our practice, utilizing open application programming interface (API) links to engineering analysis software to maximize efficiency and workflow. For nearly all of our projects, we use a structural Building Information Model created in Autodesk Revit to coordinate with other design consultants and to generate analytical models to be brought across to structural analysis and design software applications, streamlining iterative structural engineering work processes. We are also users of Autodesk’s Construction Cloud platform for design and preconstruction workflow organization and optimization, as well as construction administration services management.

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