Who We Are

We Are <span style='color:#ffd833; font-weight:700;'>Engineers</span>

We Are Engineers

but it's not what you think!  We don't wear pocket protectors, but we do provide exceptional professional structural engineering services in close collaboration with architects, building owners, real estate developers, contractors, and community leaders.

We Are <span style='color:#ffd833; font-weight:700;'>Experts</span>

We Are Experts

in structural design, who believe that expertise is equal parts experience, competence, and creativity.  At Leap!, we are dedicated to a culture of creative thinking AND creative doing with an ethic of uncompromised technical excellence. It is our mission to leverage singular expertise in structural engineering to provide maximum reward for our clients!  

We Are <span style='color:#ffd833; font-weight:700;'>Humans</span>

We Are Humans

who believe that engineering is first and foremost a human endeavor, meant to advance the public good. This is at the very root of all that we do in our day-to-day work, and we further dedicate a meaningful amount of our time each year toward providing pro bono services to nonprofit organizations that bring design, construction, and development assistance to communities in need.

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Managing Partners

Leap!Structures is a certified SBE, MBE, DBE, & State of Texas HUB
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